Hiring Your New General Manager

When the board is faced with the task of hiring a new general manager, there are several factors to consider. Knowing what you’re looking for depends largely on what you’ve seen. Assess the situation. The first thing to consider is … Continue reading

Seven Tips for Self-Management

Sometimes the most difficult person to manage is our self. We can stand apart from others and easily see where corrections are needed or training would benefit, but when it comes time to turn our gaze on our own habits, … Continue reading

When the Board is Unhappy With the Manager

At a recent conference for elected officials, the question was raised: “Are you unhappy with your Manager?” While the attendees’ response didn’t indicate the severity of the displeasure, the large number of hands raised sent chills down my spine.  I … Continue reading

When It’s Time To Leave

Seven Signs of When to Quit. Dedication and focus cause many local government managers to resist thinking about when it to leave their positions. In my 25 years of working with numerous managers, it has become obvious that fewer managers … Continue reading

Silly Season (aka – Election Time)

Election time in any city, county, special district or organization that elects their Board/Council, creates a silly season – a brief era of crazy behavior from Board and Council members. Egos unfurl for all to see. Historically, this craziness can … Continue reading

Don’t Drop the Ball with Your Board Members!

Written with Bill Garrett and Janice Schreuder The nature of the job for elected officials puts their local government business into the combined time squeeze of work, home life, family, and recreation. Unless the elected official enjoys “retirement,” the juggling … Continue reading

The 7 Symptoms of a Manager in Trouble

Or How to Spot/Stop a Pink Slip Before It Hits Your Desk At the 1990 ICMA Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, industrial psychologist Bill Mathis packed in a wary and curious crowd of administrators.Many looked around furtively before entering … Continue reading

City Manager/Special District General Evaluation is a Best Practice in the Public Sector

By Dr. Bill Mathis Current economic challenges, combined with shifted market forces in local government, have created a new climate in public sector management. Managers are being asked to do more with less every day. Without effective feedback, it can … Continue reading

What Councils Want from Manager… But Do Not Tell Them

Seven Unspoken Council Assumptions By Dr. Bill Mathis Often before an election, elected officials have formed opinions and beliefs about mangers and their staffs. Based on the their attitudes about what government ought to do, elected officials may harbor perceptions … Continue reading

Reclaiming a Balanced Life

As a management psychologist working to help executives through the perils of personal change management, I recommend seven basic principles. Continue reading

Recent Articles

Does Someone Need to be the Blame?

One of the common reactions we can feel when we believe we are mistreated or misunderstood is to blame someone else. Our alarm bells go off internally, a warning signal goes off in our head, or we feel immediately violated or angry. Why blame me for your issues? Obviously, the other person crossed the line, did not get it or intentionally tried to avoid responsibility. Continue reading

Coaching in Turbulent Times

The chaos in business and home life creates distractions and confusion in nearly every household. During this period, business contacts and progress in one’s personal and professional life must keep moving forward. Continue reading

Cucamonga Valley Water District is Searching for a New Chief Executive Officer & General Manager

Chief Executive Officer & General Manager (Salary $220-$260k annual) CVWD, located in the heart of Southern California’s Inland Empire, is looking for a Chief Executive Officer/General Manager. The ideal candidate has a proven aptitude for balancing the technical aspects of … Continue reading

United Water Conservation District is Searching for a New Chief Financial Officer

United Water Conservation District Chief Financial Officer (Salary $140,000 – $180,500 annual DOQ) Situated in central Ventura County, the District encompasses the fertile Santa Clara River Valley and Oxnard Coastal Plain. Under the supervision of the Assistant General Manager this … Continue reading