City of Pomona Evaluations

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All Direct Reports to the Board – City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk
New Mayor Sandoval and Council members took on the task of doing a thorough evaluation, goal setting and recommendation for their direct reports. In an effort to be a high-performance team, the Council embarked upon a process in providing feedback and setting direction to lead staff under their jurisdiction. The final feedback and assessment will be completed June 11, 2018.
Dr. Mathis, veteran City Consultant was given the assignment to interview Council members and obtain their thorough feedback on the numerous job duties and various community assignments given to the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk. The assessments covered duties assigned and accepted to run the City of Pomona in a safe and secure manner. In completing this exercise, the Mayor and Council complete one of several goals necessary to forge a clear direction for the City Management staff. The Consultant applauds the Council for cooperation and candor in providing feedback. Dr. Mathis hopes the Council will complete an annual business plan soon.

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