Coaching in Turbulent Times

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The chaos in business and home life creates distractions and confusion in nearly every household.  During this period, business contacts and progress in one’s personal and professional life must keep moving forward.  Many professionals are still concerned about job security and planning for advancement or retirement.  Coaching has now taken on a new importance ‘on-line.’

Coaching in time of crisis is different.  The online experience between the Management Psychologist and client is not therapy but is a method for keeping one’s life focused while moving towards one’s goals.  Sometimes coaching helps the entrepreneur create new directions or often is simply re-imagining what is possible in the midst of chaos at home and/or office.  Many professionals lose focus and get off track at various times.  If you are experiencing this, Coaching is for you!

Coaching can help us to focus on changing perspective by talking through more options and catapulting out of the box that we put ourselves in when left alone with negative thinking or fears of the future.  Coaching through self-imposed barriers can open the mind to how possibilities as well as reinforcement in our accomplishing goals.  Coaching assists the mind and spirit to work together in daily or weekly goals with activities designed to encourage the individual to move forward.  Thinking about the past is like looking in the rear-view mirror too long.

Encouragement and infusion of new ideas can only take place when an individual strongly desires to keep like moving – not resting in place without direction.  We are all built to be productive in our thinking and growing.

Is it time for you to contact me for an on-line session to jump-start your career and accelerate good achievements?  Dr. Bill Mathis – 707-333-2095.

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    • “I entered this coaching gig with low expectations until you introduced me to the value of Positive Self-Talk and image re-imagination. As I went through your executive designed program around my goals and ideas, I began to experience them immediately. There was no wait time – and I am impatient – to see my thinking and motivation become an everyday occurrence.”
      Mel/Executive V.P.