Dr. Mathis Presents Leadership and Mentoring at Fairfield Leadership Conference

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The City of Fairfield invited Dr. Bill Mathis to present the last segment of the leadership academy for 2013.  The presentation and workshop centered around Mentoring and Coaching tips for supervisors in all segments of the Fairfield City Team.

Dr. Mathis discussed the elements necessary for great coaching and the important personnel characteristics that enhance effectiveness.  There was a discussion of personal modeling and what’s in the mentoring process for the Coach or Mentor.  Management of one’s internal emotions and control of schedules are key ingredients for the effectiveness of any coach.  Teaching decision-making and impact on the mentee requires a willingness not to judge “right vs. wrong.”

Dr. Mathis is currently working with Police Departments in managing and coaching in cities struggling with lawlessness, shootings and children in the cross-fire.  City Managers, Police commanders, and Councils all face issues regarding messaging, communications and public understanding of sensitive issues.

The final segment discussed was the importance of culture upon the mentee.  If you have a huge bureaucratic culture that creates roadblocks, indecision, and avoidance, mentoring faces a huge challenge.  Some organizations are not calm and are very aggressive in nature.  That changes the dynamics for mentoring in the aggressive environment.

City Manager Sean Quinn, City of Fairfield, closed out the sessions with certificates of Accommodation for the completion of the sessions.

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