Dr. Mathis to Present at League City Manager’s Meeting

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Wednesday, February 5, Dr. Mathis will be speaking at the League of California Cities, City Manager Department Meeting taking place in Long Beach, California. Dr. Mathis will be joined by veteran City Managers Patricia Martel and Wade McKinney to discuss one of the least talked about topics facing managers: when a colleague undermines you. Dr. Mathis will also be attending all days of the conference, taking place February 5-7. If you are attending, be sure to drop by and say hello.

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  • “Dr. Mathis has worked with our City Manager and Department Heads to assist them in (each) raising the bar – at a time when we did not know how to help our executive team improve. Calling him in not only advanced our executive team, we used him also with each Council member.”
    Mayor, L.A. County