Georgetown Divide PUD – Complete first Strategic Plan

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GDPUD recently completed their initial step towards an annual planning retreat. In a difficult time of raising rates for water and the resulting recall election, the necessity of an excellent business plan was a needed to provide spending priorities. New General Manager, Steve Palmer, P.E., contracted Dr. Bill Mathis of Napa CA to lead the session whereby the Board agreed upon major goals and direction for budget preparation 2018-19.

The President of the Board and four Board members agreed upon 7 major business directions for budget preparation and selection of goals for the new General Manager in guiding his team forward. In view of the controversial increase in rates, the first in 10 years, the Board endeavored to openly communicate in Open Session, with both opponents and supporters for the necessity of upgrading the infrastructure and equipment required to keep the District operational. Dr. Mathis provided extensive notes for public review to ensure transparent goal setting and allow all public input. The one-day session was informative and answered many misconceptions about needs of the District and its 4,000 voters.

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  • “As a new Manager, the only wise counsel I’ve discovered and trusted has been Dr. Mathis. His vast experience, assertive attitude, and keen people assessments continue to amaze me and others. His service is invaluable in a tough environment, as well as learning and new environment.”
    3-yr Manager