Palmdale Water District Demonstrates High Performance

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As Palmdale Water District prepares for a new election, the District continues to measure its culture to maintain momentum in growing into a high-performance culture. Facilitated by Dr. Bill Mathis, an experienced management psychologist in the business of changing organizational drives High Performing Teams to great productivity, creative problem-solving, and excelling customer service.

The district has stopped leaky pipes and saving millions of acre feet in water. Delivery of safe water to growing population at a reasonable price is their mission. Dr. Mathis works with staff training, improving systems and coordinated communication.

The benefits of facilitated culture program include stability of high quality leaders, succession planning, internships that prepare within the community for new job skills, and the latest in automated equipment and personal skills. The District has numerous places to receive payments at convenient locations in Palmdale. The annual results are due in August 2018.

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