The following articles were authored, or co-auithroed, by Dr. Mathis on the topic of public management.

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Don’t Drop the Ball With Your City Council!
by Bill Garrett, Janice Mathis, and Bill Mathis Public Management Magazine July 2004.
“The juggling act for the citizen-turned-elected-official can be chaotic if the local government manager, staff, and citizens do not support the effort to govern.”


When the Council is Unhappy with the Manager
by Bill Mathis, from the ICMA’s workbook:Working Together: A Guide for Elected and Appointed Officials, September 2001
“While elected officials’ unhappiness with local government managers doesn’t spell disaster, unresolved unhappiness often begins a negative cycle ending in dysfunction.”


When is it Time to Leave? Here are 7 Signs of When to Quit!
By Bill Mathis, Public Management, April 2000
“Dedication and focus cause many local government managers to resist thinking about when it might be time to leave their positions.”


Reclaiming a Balanced Life: Reinventing our Schedules
By Bill Mathis, Public Management Magazine, January 1999
“The challenge of maintaining quality, or ‘prime,’ time for managers and their families without compromising service is intense.”


What Councils Want from Managers….But Do Not Tell Them
By Bill Mathis, Public Management, September 1993
“As in any resource, trust must be a resource from which cooperation may be derived.”

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    • “After a couple of years of very difficult cities with constant financial struggles, personnel issues and crappy City Councils, I was ready to exit the profession. When you suggested I re-imagine my current role, making it one I wanted to improve vs. how to… the energy and experience began to improve. After one year, my Council awarded me the highest rating of my career. Life is good. Thank you for focusing my positive outlook, new self-image and happier here.”
      10 year CM