Organizations face challenges in dealing with highly talented employees whose performance is not in sync with their job descriptions. In today’s competitive environment, replacing trained executives is costly, making it necessary to mentor and coach invaluable top-level employees.

Mathis Group provides both general management and clinical consulting services in the public and private sectors.

Team Building
Cohesion is brought to groups through style analysis, instruction on effective communication, mitigation of personnel conflicts and counseling for individuals within the company.

The coaching/mentoring process begins with an assessment of the individual’s desire to learn and improve. Action plans are then designed around specific objectives, time tables and actions for achievement.

Off-Site Retreats
Day-long off-site retreats provide the tools individuals need to re-energize their careers, assess priorities and take the next step in their personal development, what ever that may be.

Mathis Group recruits specifically for current clients, to fill the unique needs of each organizational structure.

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    • “You have been coaching me into a new professional direction; I am surprised and excited by the results of this new life coaching with goals that keep exploding in my daily life. New opportunities seem to magically appear as I progress with accountable activities and research position new venues.”
      HR Director, Water Services